Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Skerritt completes near sweep, Brubaker takes last women's PDX short track

Shannon Skerritt (Vanilla Bicycles) added an exclamation point to his domination of the Portland Mountain Bike Short Track series Monday night, winning the final race of the season and capping a run that saw him top the podium in each race he finished.

Tina Brubaker showed up for the Pro/Cat 1 women's race to take her first win of the series. Brubaker led from the start and finished comfortably ahead of Susan Sherman (Showers Pass), Abby Jenkins (Bridgetown Velo), Marila Alvares (Bike Gallery) and Susan Grandjean (Showers Pass).

Skerritt won six of the seven races in the summer series, falling victim to a mechanical last week that opened the door for Portland Bicycle Studio's Doug Wilmes, a consistent podium finisher, to finally reach the top spot.

But Skerritt suffered no bad luck at the series finale, charging out of the BMX gate area for the hole shot and charging into the lap 1 detour through the western edge of the infield. Skerritt put the race out of reach quickly and left the others to battle for second. Wilmes topped the field for the runner-up spot, finishing ahead of James Crowe (Revolver Cascadia) and River City Bicycles riders Davy Yeater and Tim Butler.

Portland Mountain Bike Short Track Series
PIR, Aug. 3

1. Furniss, Jacob (Revolver Cascadia) 5
2. Gilmore, Leland (River City Bicycles) 5
3. Bravard, John (Cyclepath Racing) 5
4. Barker, Scott
5. Pereira, Tony (Team Beer) 5

Pro/Cat 1 Women
1. Brubaker, Tina 5
2. Sherman, Susan (Showers Pass) 5
3. Jenkins, Abby (Bridgetown Velo) 5
4. Alvares, Marila (Bike Gallery) 5
5. Grandjean, Susan (Showers Pass) 5

Pro Men
1. Skerritt, Shannon (Vanilla Bicycles) 6
2. Wilmes, Doug (Portland Bicycle Studio) 6
3. Crowe, James (Revolver Cascadia) 6
4. Yeater, Davy (River City Bicycles) 6
5. Butler, Tim 43 (River City Bicycles) 6

Complete OBRA results are HERE.