Monday, August 3, 2009

Myers makes stir with post announcing Cross Crusade demise

OBRA member and Cross Crusade board member Jonathan Myers made a stir Monday when he posted a note to the OBRA chat list announcing the dissolution of the popular weekly cyclocross series for the upcoming 2009 season.

Myers claimed enthusiasm among organizers was low and the group had decided to move on to pursue other goals.

However, as noted by editor Jonathan Maus, the subtly humorous tone of Myers' announcement suggests it could just be the first shot in the marketing campaign for this year's series.

Until further word comes in, you can decide for yourself by reading Myers' complete OBRA post below:
"As anyone who has been involved in organizing a bicycle race knows, it can be both time consuming and difficult even when it is fun and rewarding. The Cross Crusade has grown from a very small series originally put together by Rick Potestio and Russ Humberston over 15 years ago to a very large series organized by a much larger team of people. As time demands have grown for the organizers, particularly over the last few years it has become harder and harder to put on the type of event that we believe the racers of Oregon deserve.

"Over the last few weeks the organizers have met to put together the plans for the 2009 Crusade. But, during those meetings it became clear that the energy and passion were just not there to continue. So, it is with disappointment but also with some relief we are announcing the dissolution of the Cross Crusade.

"While this may be the end of the series, the people must go on. All the organizers have plans for the future that they have been looking forward to pursuing for many years.

"Brad Ross, our race director has decided to re-enter the corporate world and is taking a position as the Director of Corporate Nomenclature for a prominent local sporting goods company.

"Rick Potestio is working on a treatment for a new television program call Arch-i-talks. This program will focus on low cost ways of turning your 1970’s ranch into a post modern dream home. You would be amazed what PVC cladding and cinder blocks can do these days.

"Russ Humberston has rediscovered a love of music playing Guitar Hero on Xbox 360 with his children. He will be joining his brother’s band as a part time guest member. He does not have any formal training, but he believes the video game has given him all the skills to succeed.

"Rich Slingby has always had a deep interest in winter snow and ice sports. With the Winter Olympics coming to the Northwest, Rich has dedicated himself to earning a spot on the US Curling team. His use of a Swiffer Sweeper may revolutionize the sport.

"Jon Myers will be taking a job as Barry Wick’s body double for low priority and distance photo shoots. Barry does not have time to fulfill all his media requests and since Jon is almost as tall, has somewhat similar hair and rides Kona bicycles, it is a natural fit.

"Andy Wilson has been inspired by Kopi Luwak, the civet produced coffee bean from SE asia. He is working on a new product based on nutria and a new secret coffee bean sourced from the deep jungles of Brazil. Look for it at gourmet coffee houses this fall.

"Doug Moak is putting together a whole new bike race series call the Krozz Kruzade. Many of the themes of this new series are based on Doug’s study of Czechoslovakian Philosopher Emanuel Rádl. Look for details soon.

"Thanks for all the memories and fun times.

"Released by board member Jon Myers for the entire Cross Crusade Organization."