Friday, September 4, 2009

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*Lance Armstrong @lancearmstrong
9/4/09 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More than 120 riders contest Thrilla Cross #1 Thursday in Bend

The OBRA 2009 cyclocross season kicked off in earnest Thursday night when more than 120 riders showed up for the first of the Thrilla Cross Series in Bend.

The four-race series started this week and runs Sept. 10, 17 and Oct. 1.

USA Cycling National Cyclocross Champion Ryan Trebon (Kona) tested his legs in the Men's A event but flatted out of the race. Chris Sheppard (Santa Cruz/Giro/Fox), winner of the multi-day Canadian mountain bike stages races Intermontane Challenge and The B.C. Bike Race earlier this year, won the Men's A race. Hutch's Cody Peterson was second and James Williams (Cannondale Factory)was third.

Serena Bishop won the Women's race, finishing ahead of Amber Clark (team Beer) and Lea Julson (Therapeutic Associates/GENR8).

Thrilla Cross series #1
Sept. 3, Bend

1. Bishop, Serena - 8 Laps
2. Clark, Amber (Team Beer) 7 Laps
3. Julson, Lea (Therapeutic Assoc.) 7 Laps
4. Kenlan, Karen (Bend Bike n' Sport) 7 Laps
5. Uetrecht , Stephanie ( 7 Laps
Men A
1. Sheppard, Chris (Santa Cruz/Giro/Fox) 9 Laps
2. Peterson, Cody (Hutch's) 9 Laps
3. Williams, James (Cannondale Factory) 9 Laps
4. Thompson, Ben - 9 Laps
5. Schmidt, Damian (Sunnyside Sports) 9 Laps
Men B
1. Brown, Mike (Therapeutic Assoc.) 8 Laps
2. O'Neal, Trevor 8 Laps
3. LaPlaca, Doug (Bend Bike N' Sport) 8 Laps
4. Sargent, Andrew 8 Laps
5. Pfeil, John 8 Laps
Masters Men 40+
1. Engel, Matt (Bend Bike N' Sport) 8 Laps
2. Baker, David (Sunnyside Sports) 8 Laps
3. Albright, Mike (Redline) 8 Laps
4. Luoma, David (Guiness Cycling/Sunnyside) 8 Laps
5. Wolnick , Dan ( 8 Laps
1. Dunlap, Colin (Sunnyside) 7 Laps
2. Stevens, Mitchell (Sunnyside Sports) 6 Laps
3. prague, Cole 6 Laps
Beginner Women
1. Kovach, Nicholle 6 Laps
2. Engel, Cynthia 6 Laps
3. Lundstrom, Amy 6 Laps
4. Fisher, Carry (Pacific Power Blue Sky) 6 Laps
5. Deaver , Carrie (Bend Bike N' Sport) 6 Laps

Lance's secret NorCal recruitment tapes revealed?

Ever wonder what it's like when a top-tier domoestic rider gets called up to the big show in Europe?

This as-yet-to-be-uh,hmm-verified super-secret transcript posted on NorCal Cycling News reveals the inner workings of cycling masterminds like Lance and Johan as they attempt to lure Jacques-Maynes brothers Ben and Andy onto the 2010 Radio Shack team. Their Bissell teammate Paul Mach, winner of the 2009 Cherry Blossom Classic and Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, also gets invited along because of his cool name.

In this excerpt, Lance explains the importance of regular Twitter updates as Ben listens on the phone in his Utah hotel room.
Lance: ...So lets see here… my file says you are a college man too… hmm… never went to college myself, learn anything good there?
Ben: Definitely – I went back to school after turning pro – it was a great experience.
Lance: Well – doesn’t hurt to have a few college kids around, I mean Taylor was okay for a while till all that Tugboat/I Believe crap. Let me ask you this… Do you have a Twitter account?
Ben: I do, don’t use it much though.
Lance: I’m thinking I might require all Team Radio Shack Riders to post five times a day. Think you can handle that? We’d all get together after rides and races and do our updates… its great publicity and team bonding. Think you can handle that?
Ben: I don’t see that being an issue – don’t you run out of things to post?
Lance: Nah – just put up stuff like – “Listening to Mandy Moore – Awesome” or “Time to call my good friend Mary Kate O.” makes people think you’re just like them.
Read the rest HERE.

OBRA announces four-week Wednesday night cyclocross series at Alpenrose Dairy

Portland metro area racers just got another reason to get excited about cyclocross. Starting Wednesday, Sept. 23, and running through Oct. 14, the Blind Date at the Dairy will provide an opportunity for weeknight fun.

OBRA announced the new four-week Wednesday night series at Alpenrose this week. Sponsored by Alpenrose Dairy, OBRA, Field Jerger LLP Law Offices, Peer Technologies and Dogs are Cool Photography, the races start at 5 p.m. and will finish under the dairy's lights.

5:00 p.m. Kiddie cross (no parents on course) and Toddler Cross. (parents may run along)
5:10 p.m. Juniors. (30 minute race)
6:00 p.m. Category C men and women. (45 minute race)
6:50 p.m. Category B, Men and Women. and Single Speed (45 minute race)
7:45 p.m. Category A Men and Women.

Registration: Register on site up to 10 minutes prior to your race and preferably at least 30 minutes prior.

Kids free, juniors $8, senior men and women $15.
Sign up for all four races on the first night for $60 and receive a really cool Blind Date at the Dairy T-shirt for $10.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Cameron, Terrell win final Monday night PIR races

River City Bicycles Monday Night Race Series
Portland International Raceway
Aug. 31

Novice Women
1. Lewis, Leigh 15
2. Fanning, Linda 12
3. Thompson, Lynn 10
4. McCasker, Cindy (Portland Velo) 8
5. Parker, Rachael (Olson's Hammer) 7
Novice Men
1. Nor, Adam 15
2. Murphy, Douglas 12
3. Sundberg, Joseph 10
4. Hein, Mark 8
5. Geschke, Grant 7
Masters Men 4/5
1. Aldersebaes, Dave (Ironclad Performance Wear) 20
2. Berndardt, Eric 19
3. Kowalsky, Greg (Team Oregon) 12
4. Anderson, Eric (Pacific Power Blue Sky) 8
5. Cecotti, Shawn 7
Masters Men 1/2/3
1. Cameron, Molly (Portland Bicycle Studio) 16
2. Creem, Joshua (Portland Bicycle Studio) 16
3. Holcomb, Joseph (Specialized River City Bicycles) 15
4. Alling, Chris (Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team) 9
5. Mallison, Dickie (Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop) 8
Senior Women
1. Tyrrell Leia (CAPA Cycling Team) 22
2. Bussell,Cara 19
3. Livingston, Denise (Three Rivers Racing) 10
4. Reeve, Lisa (Veloforma) 12
5. Moss, Jan (Team Group Health) 7

ZteaM's Zimbelman wins Masters World Championship Time Trial in Austria

PHOTO: OBRA rider David Zimbelman on his world championship ride in Austria. Photo courtesy of ZteaM.

OBRA rider David Zimbelman has added a fresh rainbow jersey to his collection of cycling trophies. The 55-year-old White Salmon, Wash., resident won the Masters 55-59 World Championship Time Trial earlier this month in Austria.

The ZteaM rider also finished third two days later in the World Masters Road Race Championships after breaking away solo in the 55-59 category race. He was eventually swallowed up by the field but hung on for bronze.

Zimbelman's impressive palmares include multiple national road championships, multiple national time trial championships, multiple team time trial national championships, and a national stage race championship. The former professional road racer has won numerous state championships (more than 35) and notched wins at this year's Cascade Classic, Gila, Mount Hood, Elkhorn, Eugene Celebration, Walla Walla, and Steamboat Springs.

Turnbull, English cap season with victories at Eugene Celebration Stage Race

EUGENE -- Lisa Turnbull won the Senior Women's overall with a dominating performance that saw her take two stage wins and never finish off the podium in each of the four stages. The Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8 rider won the McBeth prologue and the stage two Maxon Road Race. She finished second in the stage three Coburg Time Trial and third in the stage four Celebration Criterium.

Midtown Direct's Rob English used his time trialing skills to take control and win the Men's Pro/1/2 category. English set the pace with the best time in the prologue but dropped to third overall after a 15th-place finish in the Maxon Road Race. He climbed back into the overall lead with another win in the time trial, and then he secured the overall win Sunday evening, finishing with the field during the final criterium.

Eugene Celebration Stage Race
Aug. 28-30

Women Cat 4
1. Vaughn, Anna (Hammer Velo) 2:27:04.00
2. Atwill, Amanda (Bend Bike n' Sport) +:43
3. Simmons, Mindy (Hammer Velo) +:52
4. Fletcher, Sara (Bridgetown Velo) +1:52
5. Reinhart, Katherine (University of Oregon) +2:06
Women Cat 1/2/3
1. Turnbull, Lisa (Therapeutic Associates/GENR8) 3:44:49.00
2. Akeroyd, Jen (Team Group Health) +1:21
3. Brynjolfson, Kristine (Westwood/Cannondale) +1:33
4. Madison, MacKenzie +1:52
5. Wilcoxson, Jade (Flywheel Bicycle Solutions) +2:34
Masters Men 40+
1. Hagen, Karsten (ZteaM) 3:28:53.00
2. Quirk, Dan (Veloce/Felt) +1:46
3. Holland, Steven (Finnegans Toys/Discover Chiropractic) +2:17
4. Vijmoet, Dan (Hutch's) +3:09
5. Frerichs, Ron (Hutch's) +3:35
Cat 4/5
1. Johnson, Kevin (Adventure's Edge) 3:36:35.00
2. Lewis, Winter (Green Ridge/In Focus) +:12
3. Wait-Molyneux, Colby (North River Racing) +:40
4. Bagshaw, Sean (Flywheel Bicycle Solutions) +:46
5. Hartz, Whitfield (Oregon Trail Racing) +1:31
Cat 3
1. Krause, Mark (Land Shark) 5:01:19
2. Shepherd, Davis (Hutch's) +:21
3. Gray, Spencer (Etna Brewing Co./DeSalvo)+:32
4. Chiou, George (Nike Cycling) +:59
5. Reitz, Dave (Etna Brewing Co./DeSalvo) +1:26
1. English, Rob (Midtown Direct) 4:43:35.00
2. Elasser, Philip (Fanatik Bike Co.) +:54
3. Applequist, Kai (Bob's Bicycles) +1:04
4. Mittermann, Galen (Midtown Direct) +1:14
5. Bourcier, Paul (Hutch's/OIC) +1:55'

Complete OBRA results are HERE.