Friday, July 17, 2009

Records fall at Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge day 1

Olympic Gold medalist Marty Nothstein's 2001 Alpenrose Velodrome kilo record fell, not once, but twice Friday night at the opening day of the Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge.

Brihop's Per Bjesse put his knowledge of the local track to work, timing in at 1:08.29 and eclipsing Nothstein's best of 1:08.76. Canadian Travis Smith (American Track Foundation) also beat Nothstein's track record, but he had to settle for the second fastest time of the day at 1:08.49. Third place in the Senior Men's kilo went to local rider Steven Beardsley (Gentle Lovers), who clocked in at 1:10.35.

Jen featheringhill (Bike Central) and Amelia Bjesse-Puffin (Brihop) topped the women's field in the 500 meter event. Featheringhill rode a 38.51, while Bjesse-Puffin clocked 38.93. Kristin Walker was third at 39.19.

Racing continues Saturday with sprints keirins and madisons.

Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge
July 17

1. Featheringill, Jen (Bike Central) 38.51
2. Bjesse-Puffin, Amelia (Brihop) 38.93
3. Walker, Kristin 39.19
Masters 50+
1. Provencher, Darell (Team Rose City) 38.57
2. Field, Joe (Fred Meyer) 38.68
3. Christensen, Eric (Team Rose City) 38.91

1 Klipper, David (Guiness) 1:13.60
2 Vogel, Andreas 1:16.95
3 Wolf, Rich (Sunnyside Sports) 1:18.66
Senior Men
1. Bjesse, Per (BriHOP) 1:08.29
2. Smith, Travis (American Track Foundation) 1:08.49
3. Beardsley, Steven (Gentle Lovers) 1:10.35

Women Cat 3/4
1. Charbonneau, Emily (Therapeutic Associates) 0 20
2. Cobb, Anissa (Sum Bike Team) 0 13
3. Chang, Christine (Broadmark) 0 13
Senior Men
1. Adamson, James 0 15
2. Hill, Chris 0 15
3. de Rosney, Emile 0 15

Browning, Butler wrap up Mt. Tabor series overall victories

John Browning's incredible run at Mt. tabor concluded Wednesday night with overall wins in both the Masters and Senior Men fields. The Cyclepath Racing rider took the top podium spot in each of his five Masters races and never finished off the podium in the Senior races, which are run later in the same evening.

Browning cashed in on double points for his third-place finish in the July 15 Senior Men's race to take the overall prize in the six-week series. With series leader Austin Arguello (Hammer/CMG Racing Team) racing in Kentucky and second-placed rider Steven Beardsley coming in eighth after a last-lap crash shook up the finish, Browning clinched the series title by finishing behind Jimmy Udall and Tyler Green (River City Bicycles). Beardsley also raced earlier in the night in the fixed gear category, where he made a starting-line breakaway and stayed away from the pack until Walton Brush (River City Bicycles) and the rest came rushing by a few yards from the finish line.

While circumstances allowed Browning the opportunity to put on the Senior Men's series crown, his Masters Men win was never in doubt. After missing the first week, Browning won five consecutive races, often breaking away with others and then shedding his escape companions one by one before the finish.

In the Senior Women's race, Sue Butler also capitalized on the July 15 double series points to leap from third overall to first. The Monavie-Cannondale rider flew away from the group and rode across the line alone to earn maximum points. Recently upgraded cat 3 Lisa Reeve finished second in the finale, but the third-placed ride by Hammer Velo's Sam Yeo was enough to reserve a second-place overall finish behind Butler. Kaytee Petross (Portland Velo) who started the final race seated third overall, placed eighth July 15 and hung onto her series placing.

(Overall series scores are based on the best-five-of-six finishes).

Mt. Tabor Wednesday Night Series

Fixed Gear
1. Brush, Walton (River City Bicycles) 470.0
2. Hofland, Erik (Artisan Family Racing) 282.0
3. Guernsey, Ben 192.0
Cat 5 Men
1. Seward, Ryan (CAPA Cycling Team) 420.0
2. Case, Steven 204.0
3. Grant, Michael 181.0
Cat 4 Women
1. Fletcher, Sara (Bridgetown Velo) 328.0
2. Reeve, Lisa 320.0
3. Vaughn, Anna (Hammer Velo) 310.0
Cat 4 Men
1. Bedford, Stephen (Word-RCB) 390.0
2. Weber, Johannes (Ironclad Performance Wear) 226.0
3. Zack, George (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 200.0
Cat 3 Men
1. Liverman, Ryan (Veloce/Felt) 470.0
2. Hansen, Jake (Word-RCB) 260.0
3. Brush, Walton (River City Bicycles)244.0
Masters Women
1. Bothe, Elaine (Sorella Forte) 480.0
2. Leitheiser, Ann (Cyclepath Racing) 270.0
3. Kennedy, Ann (Team Guiness) 266.0
Masters Men
1. Browning, John (Cyclepath Racing) 600.0
2. Haverty, Chris (Bridgetown Velo) 344.0
3. Mitchem, John (Guinness Cycling Team) 268.0
Senior Women
1. Butler, Sue ( 400.0
2. Yeo, Sam (Hammer Velo) 318.0
3. Petross, Kaytee (Portland Velo) 256.0
Senior Men
1. Browning, John (Cyclepath Racing) 298.0
2. Beardsley, Steven (Gentle Lovers)284.0
3. Arguello, Austin (Hammer/CMG Racing Team) 260.0

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge promises fast action, tough fields

World class athletes will race in Portland’s backyard for three days of fast, intense action when the 2009 Alpenrose Challenge takes place this Friday through Sunday.

The Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge is the biggest track race of the year at Alpenrose, and one of the most competitive in the country.

This year's event will feature two-time Olympians Adam Duvendeck (2004, 2008) and Jame Carney (1992, 2000). Other notable athletes include New Zealand professional cyclists Jason Allen and Liz Williams, Canada's Travis Smith, Trinidad and Tobago's Emile Abraham (also a winner a stage winner at the Tour of Poland), Nature Valley stage winner Erica Allar, and Olympic hopefuls Daniel Walker and Kelyn Akuna. Also competing will be Alpenrose favorites Dean Tracy, Steven Beardsley, Mark Blackwelder, Jen Featheringill and others.

The event is free to spectators, and Madison's Grill will be providing food from its BBQ Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. Madison's will also be providing food and snacks to the VIP area. Tickets for the VIP area are available by contacting Jeff Standish at

(End times for sessions are approximate)

FRIDAY, July 17

Session #1 ... 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Events: Pursuits

This session features athletes against the clock in 4k and 3k pursuits. Two riders start on opposite sides of the track and race for time.

Session #2 ... 5 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Events: 500m TT (women/masters), Kilo (men/masters), Qualifier Points Races (men/women)

This session starts off with fast times featuring the 1k TT (kilo) and the 500m TT. Next are the Qualifier Points Races for elite men and elite women. This is where riders will be trying to qualify for racing Saturday and Sunday. The points races are fast and furious and will feature local riders looking for a chance to race against the elite and pro level riders.


Session #3 ... 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Events: Bike Central Flying 200m (masters/women), Energy Star NW Keirin (men), Bike Central Sprints (masters/women), Madison (men/women)

The Saturday morning session will feature the Elite Men's keirin and the elite men and women's madisons. The elite women and masters will also be competeting in a sprint tournament.

Session #4 ... 4 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
Events: Kiddie Kilo, Energy Star NW Keirin Finals (men), Bike Central Sprint Finals (masters/women), Points Race (masters/men) 5-Mile scratch (women), Team Sprint

The Saturday evening session features the finals for the men's keirin and women's/master's sprint tournaments. Also taking place are the master's Miss & Out and women's 5 mile scratch race. The men and women then have team sprint showdowns before ending the night with the 30k men's points race.

SUNDAY, July 19

Sessions #5 & #6 ... 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Events: Bike Central Flying 200m (men), Energy Star NW Keirin (masters/women), Bike Central Sprints (men), 10-mile scratch (men/masters), Miss & Out (men/masters), Points Race (women), Flying Lap (all)

In the morning, the masters and women will compete in the keirin, and the men will duel in their sprint tournament.

The last session of the event will include the finals for the keirin and sprints, then move into the men's miss and out, women's points race and masters miss and out. The event concludes with the flying lap where riders attempt to break the record for a single lap at Alpenrose.

There will be a 30 minute break between sessions.

Also featured during the Sunday action will be an opportunity for individuals to participate in the first ever AVC Veloswap. For $10, you can buy a table space and sell your unwanted cycling gear while watching the action.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rapha Racing dominates top of PIR Tuesday race

Rapha Racing made the most of its efforts at PIR Tuesday night, taking the top spot and placing three rider in the top five of the Pro/1/2/3 race.

Rapha's plan for the night quickly became clear, with nearly every move that went up the road either initiated or followed by a rider in the nondescript black-and-white kit of the veteran squad. But it was one of the race's young guns, 19-year-old Marcel deLisser (Hammer/CMG Racing Team), who made the first attack of the night.

He was quickly joined by riders representing most of the top teams in the race. Although a breakaway group was off the front for almost the entire event, the composition changed dramatically over the course of the race.

Rapha's Chris Hamilton swallowed up enough hot spot sprints to win the overall evening without taking the final sprint. That prize was left for Land Rover/ORBEA's Mike Northey, who earned enough points to finish second overall. Bridgetown Velo's David Gates was third overall, followed by Hamilton's Rapha Racing teammates John Leonard and John Grochau in fourth and fifth, respectively.

A breakaway in the Cat 3 race found success, with Portland Bicycle Studio's Joshua Creem grabbing enough points for the overall win. Trevor Spahr (Ironclad Performance Wear) finished second, ahead of James Shingleton (Capitol Velo).

HUP United's Joe Staples won the Cat 4/5 race in front of Daniel Henderson (Hutch's/OIC) and Ivan Rosenhouse.

PIR Tuesday Night Series
Portland International Raceway, July 14

Cat 4/5
1. Staples, Joe (HUP United) 18
2. Henderson, Daniel (Hutch's/OIC) 12
3. Rosenhouse, Ivan 10
4. Pugh, Lance (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 9
5. Wolf, Jeff 7
Cat 3
1. Creem, Joshua (Portland Bicycle Studio) 19
2. Spahr, Trevor (Ironclad Performance Wear) 13
3. Shingleton, James (Capitol Velo) 12
4. Hunter, Steven (Portland Bicycle Studio) 12
5. Nachtrab, Eric (Portland Bicycle Studio) 9
1. Hamilton Chris (Rapha Racing) 16
2. Northey, Mike (Land Rover-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation) 15
3. Gates, David (Bridgetown Velo) 10
4. Leonard, John (Rapha Racing)9
5. Grochau, John (Rapha Racing) 8

Tabor series overall battles decided tonight

The battles for the overall titles at the six-race Mt. Tabor Wednesday night series conclude tonight at the dormant volcano in Southeast Portland.

The Senior Women are locked in a tight race, with six riders within 100 points of each other. Consistent riding by Hammer Velo's Sam Yeo's placed her at the top of the leader board going into the last race. Yeo's 242 point total tops Kaytee Petross (Portland Velo) just two points behind at 240, and Sue Butler (Monavie-Cannondale) with 200.

In the Senior Men's race, Hammer/CMG Racing's Austin Arguello leads Steven Beardsley (Gentle Lovers) by 24 pints and Cyclepath's John Browning, who is leading the Masters Men's series, by 62.

Mt. Tabor Series Standings
After five of six races

Fixed Gear
1. Brush, Walton (River City Bicycles) 270.0
2. Hofland, Erik (Artisan Family Racing) 202.0
3. Guernsey, Ben 192.0
Cat 5 Men
1. Seward, Ryan (CAPA Cycling Team) 220.0
2. Smith, Tim (Tireless Velo) 154.0
3. Siemens, Jordan 152.0
Cat 4 Women
1. Reeve, Lisa 320.0
2. Simmons, Mindy (Hammer Velo) 226.0
3. Tyrrell, Leia (CAPA Cycling Team) 210.0
Cat. 4 Men
1. Zack, George (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 200.0
2. Bedford, Stephen (Word-RCB) 190.0
3. Mcdade, Stephen (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 168.0
Cat 3 Men
1. Liverman, Ryan (Veloce/Felt) 370.0
2. Hansen, Jake (Word-RCB) 260.0
3. Brush, Walton (River City Bicycles) 180.0
Masters Women
1. Bothe, Elaine (Sorella Forte) 316.0
2. Wenzel, Kendra (Wenzel Coaching) 200.0
3. Kennedy, Ann (Team Guiness) 198.0
Masters Men
1. Browning, John (Cyclepath Racing) 400.0
2. Haverty, Chris (Bridgetown Velo) 280.0
3. Mitchem, John (Guinness Cycling Team) 240.0
Senior Women
1. Yeo, Sam (Hammer Velo) 242.0
2. Petross, Kaytee (Portland Velo) 240.0
3. Butler, Sue ( 200.0
4. Sanborn, Melissa (Vanderkitten Racing) 170.0
5. Davis Usher, Anne ((Bridgetown Velo) 150.0
Senior Men
1. Arguello, Austin (Hammer/CMG Racing Team) 260.0
2. Beardsley, Steven (Gentle Lovers) 236.0
3. Browning, John (Cyclepath Racing) 198.0
4. Rathe, Jacob (Hammer/CMG Racing Team) 170.0
5. Fawcett, Todd 164.0

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Skerritt keeps short track streak going; Butler returns to triumph

Shannon Skerritt continued his unbeaten streak Monday in the Pro Men's race of the 2009 Portland Mountain Bike Short Track Series. As in the earlier series races, the Vanilla Bicycles racer rode away from the field on the first lap and only looked back occasionally to check his steadily growing gap.

Doug Wilmes (Portland Bicycle Studio) and Davy Yeater (River City Bicycles) battled for the last two podium spots, with Wilmes grabbing second ahead of Yeater and Joel Armstrong (River City Bicycles).

In the Pro/1 Women's race, Sue Butler (Monavie-Cannondale), who won the June 22 series opener, returned from mountain bike races in Alabama and Canada to reclaim the top spot, winning the fourth race of the seven-race series by a comfortable margin. Alice Pennington (Veloforma/ZYM), who won last week's race, crossed the line for second. Christy love was third, and Megan Chinburg finished fourth.

Singlespeeds saw Signal Cycles' Pete Zlatnik take the win in front of John McCaffrey ( and Jake Furniss (Revolver Cascadia).

Portland Mountain Bike Short Track Series
July 13, Portland International Raceway

1. Zlatnik, Pete (Signal Cycles) 7
2. McCaffrey, John ( 7
3. Furniss, Jacob (Revolver Cascadia) 7
4. Bravard, John (Cyclepath Racing 7
5. Weaver, Ryan (River City Bicycles) 7

Pro/Cat 1 Women
1. Butler, Sue (Monavie/Cannondale) 7
2. Pennington, Alice (Veloforma/Zym) 7
3. Love, Christy
4. Chinburg, Megan
5. Grandjean, Susan (Showers Pass) 7

Pro Men
1. Skerritt, Shannon (Vanilla Bicycles) 8
2. Wilmes, Doug (Portland Bicycle Studio) 8
3. Yeater,Davy (River City Bicycles) 8
4. Armstrong, Joel (River City Bicycles) 8
5. McCaffrey, John ( 8

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

Steger takes PIR Monday night masters; Levo tops women's field

River City Bicycles Monday Night Race Series
Portland International Raceway, July 13

Novice Women
1. Karottki, Mary 15
2. Holfeltz, Vanessa 12
3. Thompson, Lynn 10
Novice Men
1. Sundberg, Kevin (Showers Pass) 15
2. Usher, Craigan 12
3. Chandler, Kevin 10
Masters 4/5
1. Hemming, David (Rapha Racing) 18
2. Polonsky, Jon 13
3. Smith Chad, (Team Oakland) 12
Senior Women
1. Levo, Jenn (Bridgetown Velo) 15
2. Metz, Tamara (Veloce) 12
3. Kennedy, Ann (Team Guinness) 10
Masters 1/2/3
1. Steger, Mark (Nike) 16
2. Batke, Darroll (MAC Club) 15
3. Mauer, Jason (Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team) 12

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boone, Sheasby take overall wins at High Desert Omnium

High Desert Omnium
Bend, Oregon, July 11-12

Cat 4 Women
1. Alice Chang (Hammer Velo) 35.0
2. Amanda Atwill (Bend Bike n' Sport) 29.0
3. Alana Armstrong (Sorella Forte) 17.0
Cat 3 Women
1. Serena Bishop (Sunnyside Sports) 34.0
2. Karen Oppenheimer (Bend Bike 'N Sport) 32.0
3. Michelle Bazemore (Bend Bike N Sport) 24.0
Pro/1/2 Women
1. Teri Sheasby (Bend Bike 'N Sport) 29
2. Jade Wilcoxson (Flywheel Bicycle Solutions) 24
3. Ally Stacher 23
Cat 4/5 Men
1. John Craft (Rebound SPL) 23.0
2. Ryan Wilcoxson (Flywheel Bicycle Solutions) 18.0
3. Jonathan Hines (Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8) 16.0
Cat 3 Men
1. Ryan Liverman (Veloce/Felt) 37.0
2. Mark Krause (Land Shark) 33.0
3. Donald Hahn Reno (Wheelmen) 22.0
Masters Men
1. Scott Seaton (Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental) 34.0
2. Robert Sheasby (Bend Bike 'N Sport) 34.0
3. Bruce Rogers (Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental) 32.0
Pro/1/2 Men
1. Andrew Boone (Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8) 20
2. Evan Hepner 19
3. Quinn Keogh (HPChiro/Hammer Nutrition) 19

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

OBRA Track Championships conclude with points race, pursuits

OBRA Track Championships
Alpenrose Velodrome, July 12

Senior Women
1. Charboneau, Emily (Brihop) 0 30
2. Godfrey, Norrene (Landrover/ORBEA) 0 16
3. Graham, Fiona (Specialized/River City Bicycles) 0 13
Senior Men
1. Kovalcik, Zak (Team Beer) 0 41
2. Adamson, James 0 21
3. LaVigne, Justin (Team Oregon) 0 18
Cat 4 Men
1. Goff, Wade (Half Fast Velo) 0 26
2. Utz, Andrew (Ruckus Test Team) 0 18
3. Charboneau, Clayton (Brihop) 0 12
Cat 5 Men
1. Bedford, Stephen (Word/RCB) 2 60
2. Hansen, Jake (Word/RCB) 1 34
3. DeMoe, Luke (Collin's Cycles) 0 18

Senior Women
1. Hook, Camille (Brihop) 4:38.41
2. Graham, Fiona (Specialized/River City Bicycles) 4:40.11
3. Charboneau, Emily (Brihop) 4:41.39
Cat 4 Women
1 899 Larson Elena (Brihop) 4:47.88
2 1507 Shepard Amy 4:57.15
3 Thiele Barbafa (Team Rose City) 5:04.08
Cat 3 Men
1. Emoff, Brent (Brihop) 5:23.67
2. Sheagley, Eric (Veloce) 5:28.36
3. LaVigne, Justin (Team Oregon) 5:29.93
Cat 4 Men
1. Hansen, Jake (Word/RCB) 5:34.12
2. DeMoe, Luke (Collin's Cycles) 5:34.60
3 Taylor, Sam (Finnegan's Toys) 5:53.24
Cat 5 Men
1. Mace, Jess (Team Oregon) 6:02.58
2. Goff, Wade (Half Fast Velo) 6:03.57
3. Grabowski, Donovan (Half Fast Velo) 6:04.61
Senior Men
1. Harrison, Aaron (BBC) 5:16.81

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

OBRA sprint champs decided Saturday at Alpenrose

OBRA Track Championships
Alpenrose Velodrome, July 11


Women Cat. 4
1. Cartwright, Liz (BBC)
2. Shepard, Amy
3. D'Elia, Traci (Portland Velo)
Senior Women
1. Featheringill, Jen (Bike Central)
2. Bjesse-Puffin, Amelia (Brihop)
3. Knoblock, Anna (Bike Central)
Cat. 5 Men
1. Cagampang, Juan (Hammer Velo)
2. Grabowski, Donavan (Half Fast Velo)
3. Fleischmann, Todd
Cat. 4 Men
1. Bigwood, Robert (Portland Velo)
2. DeMoe, Luke (Collin's Cycles)
3. Hansen, Jake (Word/RCB)
Cat. 3 Men
1. Deardorff, Chris (Word/RCB)
2. Breeden, Byron (Team chuluchu)
3. Provencher, Darrell (Team Rose City)
Senior Men
1. Mansker, Kevin
2. Kovalcik, Zak (Team Beer)
3. Birman, Dan (BBC)

Complete OBRA results are HERE.