Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Oregonian features Rathe's latest report from Moscow

Portland junior racer Jacob Rathe is in Moscow preparing to compete in the UCI Junior World Championship Road Race on Sunday, Aug. 9, with the USA Cycling Junior National Team that include's Bend's Ian Boswell.

The team has been in Moscow for several days with coach Ben Sharp getting to know the course for the road race and time trial. The U.S. juniors are staying in a massive hotel with the riders from 40 other national teams and will race on a 13.5 km downtown Moscow circuit that was designed for the 1980 Olympics.

From Rathe's post:
"It's a long way to the top. My hotel room is on the 27th floor. The elevator stops at every other floor, usually to an empty hallway. A big beastly Russian is towering over me, several others stare blankly at the elevator door. My fellow American teammates feel a similar intimidation by the size of these athletes. We'd rather not make them mad."
Read Rathe's entire post HERE.

The Junior Men's road race begins Sunday at 3 a.m. Pacific Time (2 p.m. in Moscow). You can follow national team coach Ben Sharp's Twitter updates from Moscow @

"Bend's Boswell picked for USA Cycling's junior worlds team"