Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Local media catch whiff of Oregon's competitive cycling scene

Euro star Chris Horner gets his fair share of media attention from Oregon's journalists, but the exploits of Oregon junior racers Ian Boswell and Jacob Rathe have grabbed the attention of the local media, who've recently caught on to just how hot Oregon's local competitive cycling scene really is.

Oregonian reporter David Stabler and photographer Torsten Kjellstrand spent some time with Rathe, his family and his coach to put together a nice feature article about the 18-year-old Lincoln High School graduate, who will compete with Boswell at the junior world championships in Moscow next week.

And local Fox outlet KPTV Channel 12 turned its teen spotlight on Rathe. If you haven't seen the coverage, check it out now and let these media outlets know you support more cycling coverage. Sponsors sure appreciate it.

Rathe prepares to lead U.S. juniors team to Moscow, The Oregonian, July 31.
KPTV High School Spotlight on Jacob Rathe, KPTV Channel 12 video