Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mitterman/Turnbull lead Co-Motion Classic tandem race after first stage

Stage One
Co-Motion Tandem Stage Race
Aug. 20-23
Eugene, Oregon

Cat A
1. Galen Mitterman / Lisa Turnbull (Midtown Direct) 2:30:45
2. Davis Shepherd / Greg Shepherd (Hutch's) +:02
3. Nick Skeuzick / Daniel Vrijmoet (Hutch's) +7:49
4. John Cacabelos / Margareta Germeaux (RCC) +8:09
5. Todd Sahl / Patrick Mann (Co-Motion Tandem) +8:15

Cat B
1. Ryan Champion / Amy Champion (Galen Cycles) 2:50:32
2. Patrick Jackson / Jenny Vannoy ( :00
3. Dave Campbell / Jo-Hanna Wienert (Hutch's) +2:21
4. Zqwen Peterson / Jessica Cutler (Cucina Fresca) +2:29
5. Mike Petersen / Carol Peterson (Capitol Velo) +2:33

Cat C
1. Johathan Vinson / Ames Vinson (Gentle Lovers) 1:05:23
2. Russell Gauthier / Alec Gauthier (IC3) +:12
3. Eric Downing / Cooper Sprocket (Downing Mission) +:12
4. Paul Duncan / Eli Duncan (Second Summer +:12
5. Cameron Bittle / Carson Bittle (Co-Motion) +:20

Rathe slips to 4th in Germany with one stage to go

OBRA racer Jacob Rathe and the rest of the USA cycling Junior National Team experienced the highs and lows of cycling today at Germany's Rothaus Regio-Tour.

Rathe started Stage Three in yellow after winning Stage One and keeping the lead after Stage Two. His teammates Lawson Craddock and Nathan Brown sat 12th and 13th, ready to help Rathe's cause. Bend's Ian Boswell was 78th after nursing a bad knee.

But things went a little south today when the large homegrown contingent of Germans decided to take control of the race and dominated all but two of the top 10 spots. The local press worded it this way ... "Deutsche Dominanz: Ron Pfeifer siegt in Wehr."

Ron Pfeifer, who sat in second place overall just four seconds behind Rathe coming into the stage, made it into a breakaway with no American riders. The USA boys went to the front and eventually pulled back a chase group and nearly half a minute on the leaders, but it wasn't enough to save Rathe's yellow jersey. Rathe finished in the first chase group but lost enough time to fall to fourth, 43 seconds back. The team moved down to fifth on GC with one stage remaining. Boswell eventually abandoned.

Rothaus Regio-Tour
After Three Stages

1. Pfeifer, Ron GER 07.48.12
2. Krieger, Alexander GER 07.48.44 +32
3. Sütterlin, Jasha GER 07.48.52 +40
4. Rathe, Jacob L. USA U.S.A. Nat. 07.48.55 +43
5. Lergenmüller, Tobias GER 07.49.03 +51
6. Krauwel, Bas NED 07.49.06 +54
7. Schlichenmaier, Tim GER 07.49.18 +1.06
8. Fricke, Tassilo GER 07.49.30 +1.18
9. Freienstein, Raphael GER 07.49.32 +1.20
10. Ansari, David GER 07.50.10 +1.58

USA Cycling National Team riders

42. Eastman, Ryan P. USA 07.53.48 +5.36
57. Craddock, Lawson G. USA 07.55.02 +6.50
75. Mannion, Gavin J. USA 07.58.27 +10.15
81. Brown, Nathan USA 07.59.35 +11.23

This cyclist invasion comes with perks

PHOTO: With an assist from Chris Baldwin (far right), Cindy Beard passes the Ouch-Maxxis pro squad on a Saturday morning training ride. It's just one of the perks for the Bend resident, whose family hosted the team during the Cascade Cycling Classic in July.

Part of the exceptional coverage the Bend Bulletin provided during the Cascade Cycling Classic July 21-26 included this insightful article about some of the perks that go along with hosting an entire team of professional cyclists for a week.

From the Bend Bulletin article:
“I would say we get more out of it than (the riders) do, because it’s just so much fun,” said Tim Beard, smiling from the shade of an umbrella on the front deck of his family’s home on Bend’s Awbrey Butte. “For me, it’s the highlight week of the year.”

For six years, the Beards have been hosting the Health Net cycling team — USA Cycling National Racing Calendar winners for five consecutive years. Now known as OUCH, the men’s professional cycling team, made up of world-class riders from Australia to Portland, are in Bend again for the annual Cascade Cycling Classic.

“The other thing that is super neat is, now that we have been hosting a lot, we know guys that are riding in the Tour de France now … Ryder Hesjedal, Tyler Farrar, people that have stayed at our house. So at night, we sit around with all the riders and watch the Tour together, and they give us the inside of who is doing what. … Every night we do that.”
Read the entire Bend Bulletin article HERE.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Portland's Jacob Rathe keeps yellow jersey after two stages of Germany's Rothaus Regio-Tour

PHOTO: Rathe makes some new friends on the podium after his Stage One win. / Courtesy photo

Riding with the USA Cycling Junior National Team, OBRA cyclist Jacob Rathe (CMG Racing) won the first stage of the 25th Rothaus Regio-Tour in Germany this week and continues to hang onto the the yellow jersey after two stages.

Rathe, who finished 17th earlier this month at the World Championship Road race in Moscow, grabbed the overall lead on Stage One when he led a break most of the race, then escaped from that group with two other riders and took the three-up sprint for the stage win and race lead.

Or, as the official race website put it ...
"Jacob Rathe aus den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika war der große Abräumer auf der ersten Etappe der 25. Rothaus Regio-Tour International. Der 18-Jährige aus Oregon gewann den Sprint in Buggingen gegen Ron Pfeiffer (Rheinhessen), Tobias Lergenmüller (Hessen) und Tim Schlichenmaier (Württemberg). Die Etappe war 104,7 Kilometer lang und wurde in Heitersheim gestartet."
You can read that complete report HERE.

With two stages to go, Rathe holds a slim lead over a bevy of tough German riders. His teammates Nathan Brown and Lawson Craddock sit 12th and 13th. Bend's Ian Boswell is 77th.

Rothaus Regio-Tour
After Two Stages

1. Rathe, Jacob L. USA 5:33.59
2. Pfeifer, Ron GER 5:34.03 +04
3. Lergenmüller, Tobias GER 5:34.07 +08
4. Schlichenmaier, Tim GER 5:34.22 +23
5. Krauwel, Bas NED 5:34.27 +28
6. Krieger, Alexander GER 5:34.33 +34
7. Freienstein, Raphael GER 5:34.36 +37
8. Ansari, David GER 5:34.36 +37
9. Bechter, Ramon SUI +38
10. Fricke, Tassilo GER 5:34.37 +38

USA Junior National Team riders
12. Brown, Nathan USA 5:34.49 +50
13. Craddock, Lawson G. USA 5:36.07 +2.08
34. Mannion, Gavin J. USA 5:38.52 +4.53
57. Eastman, Ryan P. USA 5:38.52 +4.53
77. Boswell, Ian P. USA 5:38.52 +4.53

Cycling Tweet of the week

"Watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Baldwin's choice." OUCH-Maxxis rider Roman Kilun @RKilun commenting on the morning entertainment choice, Friday, Aug. 21, at host housing for Tour of Utah.

Rapha Racing's Leonard takes Tuesday PIR race; summer series ends Aug. 25

PHOTO: John Leonard (Rapha Racing) off the front at PIR earlier this month.

PIR Tuesday Night Series
Aug. 18

Cat 4/5 - 21 finishers
1. Rosenhouse, Ivan 15
2. Drake, Kevin 12
3. Higgs, Isaac 10
4. Catto, Reily (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 9
5. Pugh, Lance (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 8
Cat 3/4 - 37 finishers
1. Stearns, Michael 15
2. Harwood, Jeff (Ironclad Performance Wear) 14
3. Saltzberg, David (Bridgetown Velo) 12
4. Allen, Gary Liberty Cycle 11
5. Moore, Jim (Specialized River City Bicycles) 8
Cat 1/2/3 - 57 finishers
1. Leonard, John (Rapha Racing) 24
2. Miller, Benjamin (Guinness Cycling Team) 18
3. Tresser, Christian (Cyclepath Racing) 12
4. Riffle, Jason (HPChiro/Hammer Nutrition) 8
5. Ginsberg, Mark (South Town Velo) 8

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

Harwood, Miles win Monday night PIR races

River City Bicycles Monday Night Race Series
Portland International Raceway, Aug. 17

Novice Women
1. Bruening Joy 15
2. McCasker Cindy (Portland Velo) 12
3. Fanning Linda 10
4. Hackenberg Emily (ZteaM) 8
5. Thompson Lynn 7
Novice Men
1. MacLeod, Douglas 15
2. Wilson, Craig 12
3. Sundberg, Kevin (Showers Pass) 10
4. Murphy, Douglas 10
5. Coca, Tony 8
Masters Men 4/5
1. Dirks, Tony (Mt. View Cycles) 23
2. Loeb, Curtis 12
3. Anderson, Eric (Pacific Power Blue Sky) 12
4. Lanners, Eric (Word-RCB) 9
5. Radich, Matt (Cat 6 Racing) 8
Masters Men 1/2/3
1. Harwood, Jeff (Ironclad Performance Wear) 15
2. Tresser, Christian (Cyclepath Racing) 12
3. Allen, Gary (Liberty Cycle) 11
4. Holcomb, Joseph (Specialized River City Bicycles) 10
5. LeBus, Joshua (Bridgetown Velo) 8
Senior Women
1. Miles, Karey (Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8) 21
2. Reeve, Lisa (Veeloforma) 20
3. Letts, Caitlin (Bridgetown Velo) 13
4. Tisdale, Sarah (Sorella Forte) 9
5. Heathman, Lisa 7

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Louder's little link to the sun's UV rays

The little red button BMC's Jeff Louder was sporting on his helmet at the Bend Memorial Clinic Cascade Cycling Classic in July wasn't just a fashion statement. The sensor was collecting UV data that was being sent to Germany for study as part of the battle against melanoma.

From the report by Kathie Reid:
"Actually he was wearing an ultraviolet radiation dosimeter, AKA: a UV collection device. Made by Biosense in Germany, the device absorbs UV rays through a film that is sent back to the German lab for data analysis to quantify Louder's UV exposure at the race."
Read the Complete article and check out more Cycling Action photos HERE.

Monday, August 17, 2009

OBRA Crit Championship video clips

Below are some very brief video clips from the OBRA Criterium Championships Saturday in Albany.




Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cat 3 Davis Sheppard sets best mark Sunday at OBRA Hillclimb Championships

MT. HOOD -- Cat 3 rider Davis Sheppard set the overall fastest time at the OBRA Hillclimb Championships Sunday at Government Camp on Mt. Hood. The Hutch's-OIC rider needed just 25 minutes, 28 seconds to cover the 5.6 mile course that features 2,000 feet of climbing.

The Timberline Hill Climb Time Trial starts at Government Camp and climbs steadily through a wooded area of alpine fir on a narrow twisting service road that's closed to traffic. The last half-mile pitch to the finish at Timberline Lodge is especially challenging.

Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8's Andrew Boone set the second fastest time of the day at 25:36, just eight seconds slower than the leader. ZteaM's David Zimbelman won the Masters 55-59 category with the third fastest overall time of the day at 25:42, just 14 seconds off Sheppard's winning pace.

Landshark's Jenny Slawta set the best women's mark at 29:53, just ahead of Alice Pennington (Veloforma) at 30:33 and Jacqueline Cohen (Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8) at 32:30. Team S&M's Rhonda Mazza was fourth fastest woman on the day at 32:34.

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

PIR racing begins winding down, last chance to catch rider clinics

August tips its hat to another season of Monday and Tuesday racing at PIR by offering a bonus week of racing for the women and masters. The five-Monday month means an extra week of racing for the Monday night series, which finishes Aug. 31. The Tuesday night series finishes six days earlier on Aug. 25.

The extra week makes three more opportunities for beginner and novice riders to take advantage of race clinics offered by OBRA Cat 1 racer and Upper Echelon Fitness coach Chris Swan.

Swan said the clinics have averaged about 10 riders a night and cover everything from basics like number-pinning to more advanced lessons on bumping, cornering skills and pack riding.

The Aug. 17 clinic will focus on pacelines and echelons. The hour-long pre-race clinic will cover tricks for saving energy, riding smoothly and safely maneuvering in the group, improving riders' ability to move in the peloton as well as improving the ability to work with other riders in race, training or on group rides.

Other clinics cover race tactics and how to execute tactics in a race.

"It mostly pertains to PIR, but I also try to broaden out to other races as much as possible," Swan said. "If riders have questions about specific races coming up, I'll give them a little insight into that race and also how PIR experience transfers to other races."

The weekly clinics also include in-race instruction from coaches on the course, tips and advice, as well as post-race analysis and conversation.

Swan said the clinics have drawn riders of all skill levels.

"We've had people who show up and it's their first race and they have no idea how to pin a number on or even what the categories are," he said. "We've even had a couple Cat 3s that have been racing for awhile that already have a private coach but they come here and check out the skills. It's always good to learn more about handling the bike."

Riders participating in the clinics also get one upgrade point for the class, or they may use the clinic to count as one race toward their upgrade to category 4 or 3. No prior clinic or race participation is needed to attend.

Clinics begin at 5:15 p.m. at the racetrack and cost $15. Sign up is at the Monday PIR registration table.