Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beardsley's streak continues with Cirque du Cycling win

(The complete Cycling Action photo gallery for this race is now posted online HERE).

Portland Mayor Sam Adams starts the Cat. 3 race.

PORTLAND -- Portland's Gentle Lovers took things over the top in their effort to keep Steven Beardsley's week-long winning streak alive at the Cirque du Cycling Criterium in Northeast Portland Saturday, launching their speedster over the line with room to spare and then taking the runner-up spot as well.

The Laughing Planet Cafe's Cirque du Cycling was part festival, part street race and a benefit for Self Enhancement, Inc. A full day of parades, rides and a street fair celebrating bicycles and other human-powered technology preceded the evening racing, which kicked off at 5 p.m. with the 45-minute Category 3 race that was started by Portland Mayor Sam Adams. The 60-minute Pro/1/2 race started at 6 p.m.

The festival-like atmosphere complimented a creative course that slung riders through eight corners in less than a mile as they passed down crowded NE Mississippi Avenue in both directions. Looking a bit like a musical note, the course featured one-block-square loops at either end with a two-way straightaway connecting them in the middle. Combined with a seemingly never-ending stream of primes, the race was a festival of cornering, and sprinting, and cornering and sprinting, and so on, and so on until the grand finale.

The difficult course was quick to jettison riders out the back of the field but made it difficult for breaks to stay away, especially with Gentle Lovers' superior numbers putting in a lot of work on the front keeping things together for their sprinter Beardsley.

"We knew that HP Chiro had a plan to try and isolate me," Beardsley said after the race. "(Teammates) Mark Blackwelder and Kevin Hulick took some huge digs. Everyone was coming up and showing their faces when they needed to. The team was key."

While the pace paired the field down to a select group at the end, nothing seemed to stay away for even one lap of the .8-mile course. As the group approached the finishing curves together, the bunch sprint was inevitable. Working off his final lead out from teammate Pete Groblewski, Beardsley pegged it early and opened up a huge gap that allowed him plenty of time to salute the excited crowd well before he crossed the line. Groblewski crossed the line next with time to celebrate as well. Rapha Racing's Chris Hamilton finished third.

The win caps Beardsley's amazing form as of late. He won the past two PIR Tuesday night races June 2 and 9; the first Mt. Tabor Wednesday Series race the next night on June 10; Fast Twitch Fridays on the Alpenrose Velodrome Friday, June 12; and then he followed it up one day later with the criterium win.

"It's been a good two weeks," he said. "Hopefully I can keep it rolling."

Beardsley credited his fine-tuned race form to a lot of training over the past two months and work with his coach Kenny "Cash Register" Williams, the legendary Washington criterium specialist and successful all-around racer.

Capa Racing's Joe Dengle of Corvallis took the Cat. 3 race, also with a finishing-straight burst that sent him across the line with a gap of several bike lengths. Mark Crawford (Ironclad Performance Wear) finished second ahead of Jimmy Udall (Courage).


Cirque du Cycling Criterium
Portland, Ore., June 13

Category Pro/1/2
1. Steven Beardsley (Gentle Lovers)
2. Pete Groblewski, (Gentle Lovers)
3. Chris Hamilton (Rapha Racing)
4. Cliff Heberlin (Guinness Cycling Team)
5. Christian Tresser (Cyclepath Racing)
6. Douglas Reid (Veloce/Felt)
7. Aaron Coker (HP Chiropractic/Hammer Nutrition)
8. Joel Wilson (Paul's Bicycle Way of Life)
9. David Gates (Bridgetown Velo)
10. Steve Schwaeber (Veloce/Felt)

Category 3
1. Joe Dengle (Capa Racing)
2. Mark Crawford (Ironclad Performance Wear)
3. Jimmy Udall (Courage)
4. Joshua Creem (Portland Bicycle Studio)
5. Thomas Ghilarducci (
6. Scott Hill (Mob Squad)
7. Tom Simon (Specialized River City Bicycles)
8. David Sherman (Bridgetown Velo)
9. Matthew Heck (Cucina Fresca)
10. Andrew Willis (Ironclad Performance Wear)

You can find the complete OBRA results HERE.

Cycling's tweet of the week

Chris Horner, Astana Professional Cycling Team, (@hornerakg), June 11, 8:26 p.m.

"On my way to Aspen. Just rode through thunder, lightning, rail, hail. And now having dinner at the Meat Hook in Burns, Oregon."

Featheringhill, Blackwelder take Thursday track wins

Alpenrose Thursday Night Omnium, June 11

1. Featheringill, Jen (Bike Central) 14
2. Bjesse-Puffin, Amelia (BriHop 14
3. Cobb Nissy, (Sum Bike Team) 12
4. Playman, Erin (Gentle Lovers) 6
5. Fisk, Andrea (Velo Bella) 3

Cat. 1/2
1. Blackwelder, Mark (Gentle Lovers) 15
2. Kic, Tony Gentle (Lovers 12)
3. Klipper, David (Guinnes) 11
4. Bjesse, Per (BriHop) 6
5. Tracy, Dean (Land Rover-ORBEA) 5

Masters 40+
1. Magilner, Mark (Half Fast Velo) 15
2. Standish, Jeff (Therapeutic Associates-GENR8 Racing) 13
3. Allng, Chris (Fred Meyer-Lakeside Bicycles) 10
4. Hemminger, Stephen Southtown 9
5. Dot Net Ingy (Wines of Washington) 7
Cat. 4
1. Nickerson, Randy (Kraynicks) 16
2. Tardif, Adam 15
3. Palmer, Michael (Portland State University) 12
4. Sloan, Chip (Grundelbruisers) 6
5. Kanz, Paul (Finnegan's Toys) 2
Cat. 3
1. Bergquist, Curtis (Meg's Maniacs) 16
2. Anderson, Rob (Team Oregon) 13
3. Hulick, Kevin (Gentle Lovers) 11
4. Nicoletti, Samuel (Gentle Lovers) 8
5. LaVigne, Justin (Team Oregon) 3

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beardsley, Butler take Tabor Series opener

(The complete Cycling Action photo gallery for this race is now posted online HERE).

Gentle Lovers' Steven Beardsley followed up his Tuesday night win at PIR with a victory Wednesday night in the Senior Men's race of the inaugural 2009 Mt. Tabor series. Sue Butler (MonaVie-Cannondale) notched another win in the Senior Women's race, fresh off her win of the Queen Stage of the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, the 92-mile lung busting Wy'East Road Race that started and finished at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort.

Butler made her winning move early in the 8-lap race and held her advantage to the line. Veloforma's Alice Pennington came across the line second, ahead of Sam Yeo (Hammer Velo) and Katy Petross (Portland Velo).

Beardsley seemed determined to make something happen in the men's race, which was shortened because of the quickly fading daylight. The Gentle Lovers' rider initiated an early move with HPChiro's Seth Hosemr and GMC Racing's Austin Arguello. The trio opened a gap of nearly 45 seconds before the chasing field slowly reeled the move back in.

The field stayed mostly intact until about four laps to go when Kyle Valenta (HPChiro/hammer Nutrition), Spencer Moersfelder (River City Bicycles) and Matt Braun joined Beardsley in a late-race move that built a small gap on the field, setting up Beardsley's blistering last-lap attack that earned him the win with plenty of room to spare. Valenta crossed the line for second. Moersfelder was third. HPChiro/Hammer Nutrition's Aaron Coker finished fourth.

Mt. Tabor Series, Week 1, June 10

Fixed Gear
1. Brush, Walton
2. Sheppard, Mike
3. Tardif, adam
Women Cat. 4
1. Schweitzer, Jennifer (Veloforma)
2. Reeve, lisa
3. Tyrrell, Leia
Masters Women
1. Wenzel, Kendra (Wenzel Coaching)
2. Bothe, Elaine (Sorella Forte)
3. Leitheiser, Ann (Cyclepath Racing)
Senior Women
1. Butler, Sue (MonaVie-Cannondale)
2. Pennington, Alice (Veloforma)
3. Yeo, Sam (Hammer Velo)
4. Petross, Kaytee (Portland Velo)
5. Chase, Stephanie (Veloforma)
Men Cat. 5
1. edick, Andy
2. Rankin, Shane (Portland Velo)
3. Siemens, Jordan
Men Cat. 4
1. Curtes, Jeff (TWIN 6)
2. Bibler, Neal (Team S&M)
3. Tardif, Adam
Men Cat. 3
1. Liverman, Ryan (Veloce/Felt)
2. Green, Tyler (River City Bicycles)
3. Hansen, Jake (Word-RCB)
Masters Men
1. Haverty, Chris (Bridgetown Velo)
2. Mitchem, John (Guinness Cycling Team)
3. Meadors, Ivan (Finnegans Toys/Discover Chiropractic)
Senior Men
1. Beardsley, Steven (Gentle Lovers)
2. Valenta, Kyle (HPChiro/Hammmer Nutrition)
3. Moersfelder, Spencer (River City Bicycles)
4. Coker, Aaron (HPChiro/Hammer Nutrition)
5. Fawcett, Todd

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beardsley wins PIR Tuesday Nighter

PIR Tuesday Night Series, June 9

Cat. 4/5
1. Seeds, Darrin (Yakima Bike Vigilantes) 15
2. Trask, Andrew (team cthulu) 12
3. Siemens, Jordan 12
4. Ralston, James (Hammer Velo) 8
5. Allen, Stuart (Oregon State) 7

Cat. 3/4
1. Allen, Gary Liberty Cycle 26
2. Zack, George (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 21
3. Gumpert, brian (Showers Pass) 19
4. Anderson, Rob (Team Oregon) 16
5. Prettyman, Joe (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 12

Cat. 1/2/3
1. Beardsley, Steven (Gentle Lovers) 34
2. Babcock, Ron (Portland Velo) 15
3. Riffle, Jason (HPC/Hammer Nutrition) 14
4. Tracy, Dean (Land Rover/ORBEA)11
5. Blanchard, Adam (Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8) 11

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mt. Hood - Pitel wins final stage and overall, Mach fights off Baldwin's challenge

Check out the complete 2009 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic race reports on

Stage 4, Full Sail Donwtown Hood River Criterium
June 7

Pro/1/2 Men Stage 4
1. Jamie Sparling (CAN), Trek Red Truck Racing-Mosaic Homes, in 1:09:19
2. Justin England (USA), California Giant-Specialized, same time
3. Aaron Olson (USA), OAKLEY-SIDI, s.t.
4. Corey Collier (USA), Rio Grande, s.t.
5. Adrian Hegyvary (USA), Hagens Berman Cycling, at 0:12

Pro/1/2 GC Final
1. Paul Mach (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling, in 9:54:34
2. Chris Baldwin (USA), OUCH-Maxxis, at 0:13
3. Corey Collier (USA), Rio Grande, at 1:59
4. Mike Olheiser (USA),, at 2:08
5. Rob Britton (USA), Trek Red Truck Racing-Mosaic Homes, at 2:09

Pro/1/2/3 Women Stage 4

1. Edwige Pitel (FRA), Sorella Forte, in 49:43
2. Robin Farina (USA), ValueAct Capital Cycling, s.t.
3. Alison Testroete (CAN), Total Restoration Cycling, s.t.
4. Patricia Bailey (USA), Wines of Washington, s.t.
5. Martina Patella (USA), ValueAct Capital Cycling, s.t.

Pro/1/2/3 Women GC Final

1. Edwige Pitel (FRA), Sorella Forte, in 10:51:02
2. Leah Goldstein (CAN), ValueAct Capital Cycling, at 0:18
3. Melissa Mcwhirter (USA), Veloforma, at 2:22
4. Robin Farina (USA), ValueAct Capital Cycling, at 2:48
5. Patricia Bailey (USA), Wines of Washington, at 3:25

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mt. Hood - Britton, Butler snatch road race wins; GC leaders hold on

Wy'East Road Race, 92 miles, June 6

Men Pro/1/2 Stage 3
1. Rob Britton (USA) Trek Red Truck Racing Pb Mosaic Homes, 4:07:31
2. Chris Baldwin (USA) Ouch Pro Cycling Team Presented By Maxxis at 0:00:01
3. Paul Mach (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling at 0:00:01
4. Corey Collier (USA) Team Rio Grande at 0:00:18
5. Dave Vukets (CAN) Trek Red Truck Racing Pb Mosaic Homes at 0:00:43

Men's GC
1. Paul Mach (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling, 8:44:41
2. Chris Baldwin (USA) Ouch Pro Cycling Team Presented By Maxxis at 0:00:13
3. Mike Olheiser (USA) at 0:02:08
4. Rob Britton (USA) Trek Red Truck Racing Pb Mosaic Homes at 0:02:09
5. Morgan Schmitt (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling at 0:02:28

Women Pro/1/2/3 Stage 3
1. Sue Butler (USA), 92 miles in 5:03:49
2. Edwige Pitel (FRA) Sorella Forte at 0:00:29
3. Gillian Moody (CAN) Total Restoration Cycling Team at 0:00:29
4. Alisha Welsh (USA) Pcim at 0:00:29
5. Teri Sheasby (USA) Bend Bike N Sport at 0:00:32

Women's GC
1. Edwige Pitel (FRA) Sorella Forte, 10:01:29
2. Leah Goldstein (CAN) Valueact Capital Cycling Team at 0:00:11
3. Melissa Mcwhirter (USA) Veloforma at 0:02:15
4. Robin Farina (USA) Valueact Capital Cycling Team at 0:02:44
5. Patricia Bailey (USA) Wines Of Washington at 0:03:15