Friday, June 5, 2009

Gone with the wind: blowing through the stage 2 time trial

(Oregon rider Karsten Hagen [ZteaM] is racing the Matsers 35+/45+ race at the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic. He sent Cycling Action this report from the Stage 2 Scenic Gorge Time Trial).

By Karsten Hagen

We left the start house facing headwinds so strong I was considering starting in my small ring. Nevertheless, my goal was to keep Jeff Bannink (Team Type1) from passing me. I mean, I haven't had this much horsepower nipping at my heels since I threw a water balloon at a guy on a Harley when I was 8.

Everyone in our race had the same goal; break up the GC and score some extra time. Dave Zimbelman (ZteaM) was an angry man after cramping up and getting shelled yesterday. He more than made up for it today by storming the course showing everyone else out there how to time trial. Paul Bourcier and Bannink rounded out the top three (yep, Jeff passed me).

Tomorrow, the time gaps in the GC will be measured in five and 10 minute chunks rather than seconds. But I'll think about that then.