Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brubaker takes first June PIR Monday; Steger repeats in shortened Masters race

Veloforma's Tina Brubaker won the first night of the Monday PIR June series in a race marred by a crash in the last lap that required medical attention for at least one rider.

Brubaker won the Open Women's race ahead of Nissy Cobb, Laura McGraw and Dawn Riddle.

In the shortened Masters 1/2/3 race, Mark Steger (Nike) repeated last week's win by racking up five hot-spot points. Charles Warner (Veloce-felt) and Christian Tresser (Cyclepath Racing) finished with three points each.

PIR Monday Night Series, June 1

Novice Masters Men
1. Hagmeier, David
2. Munson, John
3. Gotting, Tad
4. Gornick, Jon (Hammer Velo)
5. Koller Mark

Novice Women
1. D'Elia, Traci (Portland Velo)
2. Graham, Lisa
3. Heathman, Lisa
4. Gibbs, Zan (Sorella Forte)
5. Parker, Rachael (Olson's Bikes)

*Masters Men 4/5
1. Pollock, Jeffrey 6
2. Borum, Jason 4
3. Cagampang, Juan 3
4. Emerson, Mike 2
5. Martin, Joe 2

Women's Open
1. Brubaker, Tina 20
2. Cobb, Nissy 14
3. McGraw, Laura 10
4. Riddle, Dawn 9
5. Krill, Deann 7

*Masters Men 1/2/3
1. Steger, Mark (Nike) 5
2. Warner, Charles (Veloce/Felt) 3
3. Tresser, Christian (Cyclepath Racing) 3
4. N/A
5. Quirk, Dan (Veloce/Felt) 2

*finish canceled due to crash, based on hot spots only