Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beardsley wins PIR Tuesday race; Ironclad supports hospitalized teammate

Gentle Lovers' Steven Beardsley picked off his first PIR win of the season Tuesday night as the Pro/1/2/3 field covered 16 laps of the 1.9-mile racetrack. Beardsley finished ahead of Land Rover-ORBEA's Mike Northley and Cyclepath Racing's Christian Tresser.

The Ironclad Performance Wear Cycling Team led the peloton at a cruising pace through the first two laps of the Cat. 3/4 race in a show of solidarity with teammate Kristin McCarthy, who was hospitalized with serious injuries she suffered in a crash in the women's race Monday night.

Once the racing started, Liberty Cycles' Gary Allen took the top prize in the Cat. 3/4 race ahead of Ironclad riders Dave Dezellem and Mark Crawford. In the Cat. 4/5 event, Capo Racing's Sam Radokovich finished ahead of Trevor O'Neal and James Ralston (Hammer Velo).

PIR Tuesday Night Series, June 2

Cat. 4/5 - 30 finishers
1. Radokovich, Sam (Capo Racing) 15
2. O'Neal, Trevor 15
3. Ralston, James (Hammer Velo) 10
4. Pugh Lance, (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 8
5. Anderson, Eric (Pacific Power Blue Sky) 7

Cat. 3/4 - 58 finishers
1. Allen, Gary (Liberty Cycle) 15
2. Dezellem, Dave (Ironclad Performance Wear) 13
3. Crawford, Mark (Ironclad Performance Wear) 13
4. Thompson, Cliff (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 12
5. Ballantine, Jeff (Portland Velo) 7

Cat. Pro/1/2/3 - 85 finishers
1. Beardsley, Steven (Gentle Lovers) 22
2. Northley, Mike (Land Rover-ORBEA) 12
3. Tresser, Christian (Cyclepath Racing) 12
4. N/A
5. Leonard, John (Rapha Racing) 10