Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hammer repeats one-two Tabor finish; Petross takes Senior Women's race

The Hammer/CMG Racing Team repeated its one-two finish of a week ago at Mt. Tabor. But this time teammates Austin Arguello and Jacob Rathe switched positions, with Arguello taking the final uphill sprint just ahead of his teammate.

The team of elite juniors wasted little time setting the tempo in the race scheduled for 15 laps. Repeatedly sending riders up the road, the five-rider team's plan was to make the usual suspects on Gentle Lovers, HPChiro, Rapha Racing and Cyclepath work to chase down the rabbits.

As the group approached the closing laps pretty much intact, any teams hoping for victory tried to set up lead outs for the final charge up the volcano. But nothing they mustered proved superior to Hammer's plan. The 100 points for the win should launch Arguello into the series lead with just one race remaining. He started the day just 40 points behind Gentle Lovers' Steven Beardsley, who earned 36 points for his fifth-place finish.

The Senior Women's race brewed itself into a tight overall battle with one week remaining after Portland Velo's Kaytee Petross pulled off her first win of the series, while overall leader Sam Yeo finished in eighth and earned just 24 points. But Yeo's effort proved just enough to hold onto her lead with a 242-point total. Petross, who started the day 78 points down on the overall leader, gained the maximum 100 points for her winning day, and climbed into second with 240 points.

Mt. Tabor Wednesday Night Series
Portland, July 8

Fixed Gear
1. Fabrizias, Erik
2. Brush, Walton
3. Hofland, Erik
Cat 4 Women
1. Lifsey, Margi (Bridgetown Velo)
2. Clark, Anna (Ironclad Performance Wear)
3. Armstrong, Alana (Sorella Forte)
Masters Women
1. Bothe, Elaine (Sorella Forte)
2. Ellis, Sallyanne (Hammer Velo)
3. Leitheiser, Ann (Cyclepath Racing)
Senior Women
1. Petross, Kaytee (Portland Velo)
2. Sanborn, Melissa (Vanderkitten Racing)
3. Reeve, Lisa
4. Brubaker, Tina (Veloforma)
5. Tyrrell, Leia (CAPA Cycling Team)
Cat 5 Men
1. Seward, Ryan (CAPA Cycling Team)
2. Buruett, Denny
3. Reinhart, Eric
Cat 3 Men
1. Liverman, Ryan (Veloce/Felt)
2. Brush, Walton
3. Dunn, Jeremy
Cat 4 Men
1. Hemming, David (Rapha Racing)
2. Salcome, Jake (RideMore)
3. Gilmore, Leland (River City Bicycles)
Masters Men
1. Browning, John (Cyclepath Racing)
2. Haverty, Chris (Bridgetown Velo)
3. Schwaeber, Steve (Veloce/Felt)
Senior Men
1. Arguello, Austin (Hammer/CMG Racing Team)
2. Rathe, Jacob (Hammer/CMG Racing Team)
3. Hepner, Evan
4. Keogh, Quinn (HPChiro/Hammer Nutrition)
5. Beardsley, Steven (Gentle Lovers)