Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beardsley keeps June win streak going, adds 3rd consecutive PIR win

Steven Beardsley (Gentle Lovers) kept his June win streak going by taking his third consecutive win at the PIR Tuesday night series. Beardsley (pictured here at Cirque du Cycling) added the result to his recent wins at Cirque du Cycling, Mt. Tabor, PIR and on the track at Alpenrose.

The Gentle Lovers rider finished ahead of PIR strongman Christian Tresser (Cyclepath Racing). Rapha Racing's Todd Littlehales was third, and his teammate Chris Hamilton, who was third at the Cirque du Cycling criterium, finished fourth.

In the category 3/4 race, Capitoal Velo's Brent Poole won the event ahead of Stephen McDade (Beaverton Bicycle Club) and Gary Allen of Liberty Cycle.

Capa Cycling's Spencer Follen won the Category 4/5 race, finishing ahead of Azul Dahlstrom-Eckman (Life Cycles Bike Shop) and Capa Cycling's Ryan Seward.

PIR Tuesday Night Series
Portland International Raceway, June 16

Cat. 4/5 - 29 finishers
1. Follen, Spencer (Capa Cycling)15
2. Dahlstrom-Eckman, Azul (Life Cycle Bike Shop) 14
3. Seward Ryan, (Capa Cycling) 10
4. Dieringer, Chris 9
5. Aylward, Michael (Portland Velo) 8

Cat. 3/4 - 40 finishers
1. Poole, Brent (Capital Velo) 15
2. McDade, Stephen (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 14
3. Allen, Gary (Liberty Cycle) 13
4. Walp, Matt 11
5. Mikami, Jamie (Rubicon) 7

Cat. Pro/1/2/3 - 51 finishers
1. Beardsley, Steven (Gentle Lovers) 23
2. Tresser, Christian (Cyclepath Racing) 17
3. Littlehales, Todd (Rapha Racing) 13
4. Hamilton, Chris (Rapha Racing) 9
5. Riffle, Jason (HPChiro/Hammer Nutrition) 9