Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lance's secret NorCal recruitment tapes revealed?

Ever wonder what it's like when a top-tier domoestic rider gets called up to the big show in Europe?

This as-yet-to-be-uh,hmm-verified super-secret transcript posted on NorCal Cycling News reveals the inner workings of cycling masterminds like Lance and Johan as they attempt to lure Jacques-Maynes brothers Ben and Andy onto the 2010 Radio Shack team. Their Bissell teammate Paul Mach, winner of the 2009 Cherry Blossom Classic and Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, also gets invited along because of his cool name.

In this excerpt, Lance explains the importance of regular Twitter updates as Ben listens on the phone in his Utah hotel room.
Lance: ...So lets see here… my file says you are a college man too… hmm… never went to college myself, learn anything good there?
Ben: Definitely – I went back to school after turning pro – it was a great experience.
Lance: Well – doesn’t hurt to have a few college kids around, I mean Taylor was okay for a while till all that Tugboat/I Believe crap. Let me ask you this… Do you have a Twitter account?
Ben: I do, don’t use it much though.
Lance: I’m thinking I might require all Team Radio Shack Riders to post five times a day. Think you can handle that? We’d all get together after rides and races and do our updates… its great publicity and team bonding. Think you can handle that?
Ben: I don’t see that being an issue – don’t you run out of things to post?
Lance: Nah – just put up stuff like – “Listening to Mandy Moore – Awesome” or “Time to call my good friend Mary Kate O.” makes people think you’re just like them.
Read the rest HERE.