Monday, August 31, 2009

Turnbull, English cap season with victories at Eugene Celebration Stage Race

EUGENE -- Lisa Turnbull won the Senior Women's overall with a dominating performance that saw her take two stage wins and never finish off the podium in each of the four stages. The Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8 rider won the McBeth prologue and the stage two Maxon Road Race. She finished second in the stage three Coburg Time Trial and third in the stage four Celebration Criterium.

Midtown Direct's Rob English used his time trialing skills to take control and win the Men's Pro/1/2 category. English set the pace with the best time in the prologue but dropped to third overall after a 15th-place finish in the Maxon Road Race. He climbed back into the overall lead with another win in the time trial, and then he secured the overall win Sunday evening, finishing with the field during the final criterium.

Eugene Celebration Stage Race
Aug. 28-30

Women Cat 4
1. Vaughn, Anna (Hammer Velo) 2:27:04.00
2. Atwill, Amanda (Bend Bike n' Sport) +:43
3. Simmons, Mindy (Hammer Velo) +:52
4. Fletcher, Sara (Bridgetown Velo) +1:52
5. Reinhart, Katherine (University of Oregon) +2:06
Women Cat 1/2/3
1. Turnbull, Lisa (Therapeutic Associates/GENR8) 3:44:49.00
2. Akeroyd, Jen (Team Group Health) +1:21
3. Brynjolfson, Kristine (Westwood/Cannondale) +1:33
4. Madison, MacKenzie +1:52
5. Wilcoxson, Jade (Flywheel Bicycle Solutions) +2:34
Masters Men 40+
1. Hagen, Karsten (ZteaM) 3:28:53.00
2. Quirk, Dan (Veloce/Felt) +1:46
3. Holland, Steven (Finnegans Toys/Discover Chiropractic) +2:17
4. Vijmoet, Dan (Hutch's) +3:09
5. Frerichs, Ron (Hutch's) +3:35
Cat 4/5
1. Johnson, Kevin (Adventure's Edge) 3:36:35.00
2. Lewis, Winter (Green Ridge/In Focus) +:12
3. Wait-Molyneux, Colby (North River Racing) +:40
4. Bagshaw, Sean (Flywheel Bicycle Solutions) +:46
5. Hartz, Whitfield (Oregon Trail Racing) +1:31
Cat 3
1. Krause, Mark (Land Shark) 5:01:19
2. Shepherd, Davis (Hutch's) +:21
3. Gray, Spencer (Etna Brewing Co./DeSalvo)+:32
4. Chiou, George (Nike Cycling) +:59
5. Reitz, Dave (Etna Brewing Co./DeSalvo) +1:26
1. English, Rob (Midtown Direct) 4:43:35.00
2. Elasser, Philip (Fanatik Bike Co.) +:54
3. Applequist, Kai (Bob's Bicycles) +1:04
4. Mittermann, Galen (Midtown Direct) +1:14
5. Bourcier, Paul (Hutch's/OIC) +1:55'

Complete OBRA results are HERE.