Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sheppard gets win at 1st Sufferin' on the Summit

FILE PHOTO: Chris Sheppard wins the Cascade Chainbreaker in Bend last May.

HILLSBORO -- For the second day in a row Bend racers found success at the top of Bald Peak south of Hillsboro.

Chris Sheppard, winner Canada's B.C. Bike Race and The Intermontane Challenge earlier this summer, took the Pro Men's race at Sufferin' on the Summit the day after fellow Bend resident Ryan Trebon won the Pain on the Peak cyclocross race covering much of the same course.

Sheppard (Santa Cruz/Jamis) covered seven laps of the course in 1:29:55, finishing more than five minutes ahead of second placed Sean Babcock, who also suffered on the summit during the previous day's cyclocross race.

Vanilla Bicycles' Shannon Skerritt finished third, covering seven laps in 1:40:00. Evan Plews, who finished fifth at the previous day's cross race, finished three minutes later for fourth. team S&M's Jon Myers was fifth at 1:32:13.

Sufferin' on the Summit
Hillsboro, Oregon
Sept. 13, 2009

Pro Men
1. Sheppard, Chris (Santa Cruz/Jamis) 7 1:29:55
2. Babcock, Sean (Team S&M) 7 1:35:12
3. Skerritt, Shannon (Vanilla) 7 1:40:00
4. Plews, Evan (Capitol Subaru) 7 1:43:02
5. Myers, Jon (Team S&M) 1:32:13
1. Rosenfeld, Jake 6 1:35:41
2. Visser, Chris 5 1:36:50
3. Grabowski, Donovan (Half Fast Velo) 4 1:23:13

Complete OBRA results are HERE.