Friday, September 18, 2009

Quartet of OBRA riders will anchor ZteaM national masters team for 2010 Schedule

ZteaM has announced its nine rider masters national team roster for 2010, and it's anchored by a quartet of OBRA regulars.

The team will be headed by UCI world time trial champion David Zimbelman Hood River. He'll be joined by OBRA Cat 2 rider Karsten Hagen of Bend and Matt Slater, a Cat 2 from Portland. Mick Walsh, a Cat 1 from Seattle, is also a regular rider on the OBRA masters circuit.

The team of age 40+ riders will compete in a series of races in New Mexico, Oregon, and California, including select stage races such as the Tour of the Gila, The Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, and The BMC Cascade Cycling Classic.

The master’s team will also serve as cycling mentors for ZteaM’s club members including hosted club rides and mentoring for younger cyclists. An announcement on ZteaM Elite will follow in two weeks.


David Zimbelman CAT 1 (56)— Hood River, Oregon
-2009 World Time Trial Champion 55+
-2009 Oregon TT Champion 55-59 (4th overall)
-2009 Oregon Washington TT Champion
-2009 Cherry Blossom Classic (1st overall) 40+/50+
-2009 Cascade Classic (1st overall) 45+
-4 time USA Cyling National Road and TT
-2 Time FICA National Champion
*Karsten Hagen CAT 2 (41)— Bend, Oregon
-2009 Oregon Masters TTT Champion
-2009 Eugene Celebration overall winner 40+
-2009 Cherry City Criterium 1st place 40+/50+
-2009 Piece of Cake Road Race 1st place Masters
*Matt Slater CAT 2 (46)--Portland Oregon
-2009 Oregon Masters TTT Champion
-2009 Hood River Crit series 1st
*Mick Walsh CAT 1 (48) Seattle,Washington
-2009 Washington State Hill Climb Champion
-2009 Oregon TT Champion 45+
-2009 Oregon Masters TTT Champion
*Janne Hamalainen CAT 1 (48)— Tulsa Oklahoma
-----*Tulsa Wheelman rider
-2009 Masters US Road Champion 2009 45+
*Will Gault CAT 1 (40)— Tulsa Oklahoma
-----*Tulsa Wheelman rider
-2009 Oklahoma Elite Road Champion
-2009 Oklahoma Time Trial Champion
-2009 Oklahoma Criterium Champion
*Cale Reeder CAT 2 (45)—California
-2009 BAR 45+ California Points Leader, CA
*Peter Brown CAT 2 (48)—Tucson, Arizona
-2009 Arizona State 45+ Road Champion
-2009 Arizona BAR points leader
*Hunter Ziesing CAT 2 (49)—San Francisco, CA