Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tresser, Tyrrell repeat PIR Monday night wins

In a repeat of last week's showing, Cyclepath Racing's Christian Tresser rode away with the win in the Masters 1/2/3 race, and Capa Racing Team's Leia Tyrrell won the Women's race.

Tresser finished ahead of Tony Kic (Gentle Lovers) and Guiness Cycling Team's John Mitchem. Tyrrell secured her second consecutive PIR win in front of Hammer Velo's Sam Yeo and Bridgetown Velo's Jenn Levo.

PIR Monday Night Series
June 22

Novice Men
1. Usher, Craigan
2. Munson, John
3. Spillman, Erik
4. Bauch, Todd
5. Echerer, Brian (Butts on Bikes)
Novice Women
1. Gibbs, Zan (Sorella Forte) 15
2. Lewis, Leigh
3. D'Elia, Traci (Portland Velo) 10
4. Brueuing Joy
5. Marcoe Suzanne (Cross Fit Portland)
Masters 4/5
1. Smith, Chad (Team Oakland)
2. Desmond, Richard (Team Oregon)
3. Clemow, Chris (Hutch's-OIC)
4. Burger, Steven (Sunset Cycles)
5. Van Dusen, Ryan (Unattached)
1. Tyrrell, Leia (CAPA Cycling Team)
2. Yeo, Sam (Hammer Velo)
3. Levo, Jenn (Bridgetown Velo)
4. VanValkenburg, Heather (Land Rover-ORBEA)
5. Larson, Elena (Therapeutic Associates/GENR8 Cycling)
Masters 1/2/3
1. Tresser, Christian (Cyclepath Racing)
2. Kic, Tony (Gentle Lovers)
3. Mitchem John (Guinness Cycling Team)
4. Walton, Hugh
5. Romney, Eric (Cynergy)

Complete OBRA results are HERE.