Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cherry Pie Road Race Registration Open

The 2009 Cherry Pie Road Race online registration opened Feb. 2, and tandems are once again invited.

Oregon's first road race of the year will test riders' early season legs Sunday, Feb. 15, on rural roads outside of Albany. Organizers say the course has a generous helping of rolling hills to break up the fields, and it will feature an uphill finish "in an attempt to reduce visits to the local emergency rooms."

The Men and Women 1/2 fields will cover the course twice for a total of 52.2 miles. The men will leave at 12:30 p.m. The women will hit the course a half-hour later.

The tandems will be the first group of the day on the course. The A's and B's will start together at 10 a.m., covering 1 lap for 26.9 miles (including a neutral roll out from the staging area). Teams with juniors and slower adults will be scored separately and have their own podium.

Check out the Event Website for complete details and a few changes for the 2009 edition.