Friday, August 21, 2009

Portland's Jacob Rathe keeps yellow jersey after two stages of Germany's Rothaus Regio-Tour

PHOTO: Rathe makes some new friends on the podium after his Stage One win. / Courtesy photo

Riding with the USA Cycling Junior National Team, OBRA cyclist Jacob Rathe (CMG Racing) won the first stage of the 25th Rothaus Regio-Tour in Germany this week and continues to hang onto the the yellow jersey after two stages.

Rathe, who finished 17th earlier this month at the World Championship Road race in Moscow, grabbed the overall lead on Stage One when he led a break most of the race, then escaped from that group with two other riders and took the three-up sprint for the stage win and race lead.

Or, as the official race website put it ...
"Jacob Rathe aus den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika war der große Abräumer auf der ersten Etappe der 25. Rothaus Regio-Tour International. Der 18-Jährige aus Oregon gewann den Sprint in Buggingen gegen Ron Pfeiffer (Rheinhessen), Tobias Lergenmüller (Hessen) und Tim Schlichenmaier (Württemberg). Die Etappe war 104,7 Kilometer lang und wurde in Heitersheim gestartet."
You can read that complete report HERE.

With two stages to go, Rathe holds a slim lead over a bevy of tough German riders. His teammates Nathan Brown and Lawson Craddock sit 12th and 13th. Bend's Ian Boswell is 77th.

Rothaus Regio-Tour
After Two Stages

1. Rathe, Jacob L. USA 5:33.59
2. Pfeifer, Ron GER 5:34.03 +04
3. Lergenmüller, Tobias GER 5:34.07 +08
4. Schlichenmaier, Tim GER 5:34.22 +23
5. Krauwel, Bas NED 5:34.27 +28
6. Krieger, Alexander GER 5:34.33 +34
7. Freienstein, Raphael GER 5:34.36 +37
8. Ansari, David GER 5:34.36 +37
9. Bechter, Ramon SUI +38
10. Fricke, Tassilo GER 5:34.37 +38

USA Junior National Team riders
12. Brown, Nathan USA 5:34.49 +50
13. Craddock, Lawson G. USA 5:36.07 +2.08
34. Mannion, Gavin J. USA 5:38.52 +4.53
57. Eastman, Ryan P. USA 5:38.52 +4.53
77. Boswell, Ian P. USA 5:38.52 +4.53