Monday, November 2, 2009

OBRA cross championships release call-up order for Saturday's races at the state fairgrounds

Organizers of the OBRA Cyclocross Championships this Saturday in Salem released the system that will be used to determine call-ups, which will be based on the following results for each category:
*2008 Champion
*Top 5 Willamette Valley Cyclocross series standings
*Top 5 Cross Crusade series standings
*Top 5 BAR
(The Willamette Valley Cross series top 5 get a call up because the OBRA Championships is also the third race of the WVC Series).

The race will take place at the Oregon State Fairgorunds, with promoters promising an indoor Hopworks beer garden, classic cyclocross food and live music to spice up the festivities

In a slight change from other OBRA cross races, the Women's A group races at 2 p.m. with the cat Bs, beginners and masters 35+. The race is also the fifth event of the seven-race Oregon Junior Cyclocross series, with that event taking place at noon.

OBRA Championships Schedule

10 a.m.Men Beginner/Cat C Men/C 35+ (45min)
11 a.m.Men Masters Cat B 35+/ Masters 50/60+/Clydesdale (45min)
Noon Oregon Junior Cyclocross Series
12:30 Kiddie Cross
Series / OBRA Champs Recognition #1
1 p.m. Cat B Men/SS/Unicycle (45min)
2 p.m. Women Cat A/B/Beginners/Masters 35+ (45min)
3 p.m.Men Cat A/Masters A 35+ (60min)

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