Friday, September 11, 2009

Trebon, Sheppard & Page go 1-2-3 at Bend's Thrilla Cross Series #2

BEND -- Some of the nation's top cyclocrossers got a chance to go head-to-head a little early this year as National Champion and Bend resident Ryan Trebon faced off against visiting Jonathan Page, a former silver medalist in the world championships, and Bend mountain bike pro Chris Sheppard.

Trebon (Kona) came out on top, covering 9 laps of the course made up of Bend's infamous high desert dust. Page (Planet Bike) reportedly crashed hard and settled for third behind Sheppard (Rebound Physio/Santa Cruz Bicycles).

In the Women's race, Serena Bishop (Sunnyside Sports) bested teammates Julie Wose and Suzanne King.

Thrilla Cross Series #2
Bend, Sept. 10

1. Trebon, Ryan (Kona Bicycles)
2. Sheppard, Chris (Rebound Physio/Santa Cruz Bicycles)
3. Page, Jonathon (Planet Bike)
4. Thompson, Ben
5. Peterson, Cody (Hutch's)
1. Bishop, Serena (Sunnyside Sports)
2. Wose, Julie (Sunnyside Sports)
3. King, Suzanne (Sunnyside Sports)
4. Julson, Lea (Therapeutic Assoc.)
5. Vega, Veronica (Sunnyside Sports)
MEN 40+
1. Engel, Matt (Bend Bike N' Sport)
2. Hagen, Karsten (ZteaM)
3. Wolnick , Dan (
4. Albright, Mike (Redline)
5. Juenger, Jim (Sunnyside Sports)
1. Brown, Mike (Therapeutic Assoc.)
2. LaPlaca, Doug (Bend Bike N' Sport)
3. Heinrichs, Steve
4. Sargent, Andrew
5. Abel , Henry (
1. Lundstrom, Amy (
2. Palubeski, Lynda
3. Deaver , Carrie (B.B.)
4. Furber, Aimee
5. Gaskin, Dara (Bend Bike N' Sport)
1. Su, Andy (Clearchoice/Hutch's/Bend Dental)
2. Dunlap, Colin (Sunnyside Sports)
3. Sprague, Cole
4. Stevens, Mitchell (Sunnyside Sports)
5. Reinecke, Griffin (Bend Bike N' Sport)