Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wilmes, Chinburg win at Portland Short Track

After winning five consecutive weeks of the Portland Mountain Bike Short Track Series, Vanilla Bicycles' Shannon Skerritt's misfortune opened the door for a new face atop the Pro Men's podium.

Portland Bicycle's Doug Wilmes (Portland Bicycles Studio) seized the lead after Skerritt was forced to abandon after four laps. Wilmes went on to complete seven laps for the win in front of John McCaffrey (bicycleattorney.com) and James Crowe (Revolver Cascadia).

Wilmes, consistently a top finisher behind Skerritt, now trails the Vanilla rider by just one point in the overall standings for the seven-race series. Best six out of seven races count toward overall results for the series, which concludes next week.

Megan Chinburg took the Pro/Cat 1 Women's race Monday night. The Portland-based rider finished six laps ahead of Susan Grandjean of Showers Pass and Team S&M's Audrey Brown of Hood River.

Portland Mountain Biking Short Track Series #6
PIR, July 27

1. Zlatnik, Pete (Signal Cycles) 5
2. Curtes, Jeff (Fuel)
3. Porter, Daniel 37 (Cyclepath Racing) 5
4. Brown, Edwin 27 (Artisan Family Racing) 5
5. Weaver, Ryan 32 (River City Bicycles)

Pro/Cat 1 Women
1. Chinburg, Megan 6
2. Grandjean, Susan (Showers Pass) 6
3. Brown Audrey, (Team S&M) 6
4. Love Christy, 6
5. Garland Patty, 5

Pro Men
1. Wilmes, Doug (Portland Bicycle Studio) 7
2. McCaffrey, John (bicycleattorney.com) 7
3. Crowe, James (Revolver Cascadia) 7
4. Butler, Tim (River City Bicycles) 7
5. Armstrong, Joel (River City Bicycles) 7

Complete OBRA results are HERE.