Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kandra continues PIR spree; Steger takes first Monday night win

UPDATE, Tuesday, 3:45 p.m. - The complete Cycling Action photo gallery for all of the May 18 races is now posted online HERE.

Hammer Velo's Lindsay Kandra continued her good form at week three of the River City Bicycles Monday Night Series, which continues at Portland International Raceway each week through August.

Already tied for the May series lead after taking third in week one's weather-dominated event and first last week, Kandra stomped her way to another win, solidifying her edge in a tight overall race with Beth Burns (Veloce/Felt), who finished second to Kandra again Monday.

Sorella Forte's Anne Linton, who was third overall based on her week-two performance, finished third in the race, solidifying her position in the monthly overall contest. Nissy Cobb finished the night in fourth.

In the Masters Men 1/2/3 race, Nike's Mark Steger took his first Monday night win of the season in front of series strongmen Christian Tresser (Cyclepath Racing), Shannon Skerritt (Vanilla Bicycles) and Guinness Cycling Team's Benjamin Miller and John Mitchem. Ironclad Performance Wear rider Jeff Harwood, injured earlier this season in a PIR Tuesday night crash, was sixth on the night.

Steger's win marks his first points for May's overall race and should improve his position in that contest considerably. ZteaM's David Hopper, who came into the night leading the May series with 22 points, finished 14th.

Tresser's second-place finish Monday should give him the series lead, with Skerritt not far behind.

PIR Monday Night Series, May 18

Novice Women - 20 finishers
1. Reeve, Lisa 15
2. Zilka, Maria 12
3. Stenhouse, Yvonne (bicycleattorney.com) 10
4. Graham, Lisa 8
5. Mishoe, Michelle (Specialized River City Bicycles) 7
6. Cate, Melissa (Cycology Mobile Bike Repair) 6

Novice Men - 23 finishers
1. Fitzgerald, Jamie 15
2. Stewart, Donovan (Portland Velo) 12
3. Shedd, Tom 10
4. Spillman, Erik 8
5. Long, Paul 7
Masters Men Cat. 4/5 - 36 finishers
1. Martin, Joe 21
2. Rosenfeld, Jake 13
3. Crocker, Robert 13
4. Aldersebaes, Dave 9
5. N/A
Women - 25 finishers
1. Kandra, Lindsay (Hammer Velo) 15
2. Burns, Beth 15 (Veloce/Felt)
3. Linton, Anne (Sorella Forte) 10
4. Cobb, Nissy 8
5. VanValkenburg, Heather (Land Rover-ORBEA) 7
Masters Men Cat. 1/2/3 - 58 finishers
1. Steger, Mark (Nike) 18
2. Tresser, Christian (Cyclepath Racing) 16
3. Skerritt, Shannon (Vanilla Bicycles) 16
4. Miller, Benjamin (Guinness Cycling Team) 15
5. Mitchem, John (Guinness Cycling Team) 7