Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Land Rover-Orbea's Hunn Conquers PIR's Second Week

Land Rover-Orbea's Logan Hunn stormed into PIR Tuesday, contesting every hotspot and taking the final sprint for the day's overall win.

Bridgetown Velo's Chris Haverty was second with 12 points. Aaron Coker (HP Chiropractic/Hammer Nutrition) finished third with 11. Cyclepath's Christian Tresser had a good night fighting for the hotspot sprints, winning one and finishing second in another. But he earned no points in the finishing sprint and dropped to 8th overall with five points.

The Pro/1/2/3 group covered nearly 24 miles in less than 50 minutes, with a tailwind driving sprints past 40 mph as the field covered the course counterclockwise.

Portland's pro cycling team used the weekday training race to practice launching Hunn off the front while the rest of the team bunched things up in the pack, making for an uneven pace. The team eventually launched Hunn over the line first in an exciting curb-to-curb finale.

More Photos HERE.

1. Hunn, Logan (Land Rover/ORBEA) 23
2. Haverty, Chris (Bridgetown Velo) 12
3. Coker, Aaron (HPChiro/Hammer Nutrition) 11
4. Browning, John (Cyclepath Racing) 8
5. Mauer, Jason (Fred Meyer) 8

Cat 3/4
1. D'Elia, Matt (Portland Velo) 15
2. Birman, Dan (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 12
3. Harwood, Jeff (Ironclad Performance Wear) 12
4. Mansker, Kevin 11
5. Ratliff, Brian (Portland Velo) 7