Thursday, March 26, 2009

Redlands Stage 1: Ruiter, Erker Top Oregon Riders

The Redlands Bicycle Classic is underway in California, and Oregon riders and teams are in the thick of it.

Bend's Christina Ruiter (Value Act Capital) finished 10th in the short uphill opening time trial.

Portland-based Veloforma had a good showing, placing rider Melisa McWirther in 13th. Banana Belt #4 winner Alice Pennington took 50th, one spot ahead of Banana Belt #3 winner Robin Secrist, who was a Cat. 4 just last year.

Veloforma director sportif Russell Cree said sickness and work commitments held up some of the other team riders from participating, but he was pleased with results so far. Cree said rider Christina Smith crashed during the time trial but is OK and will continue this weekend.

In the men's race, Portlander Jacob Erker (Kelly Benefits Strategies) finished 14th, the best Oregon men's finisher on the day. Land Rover/Orbea's top riders limited their losses to just over a minute on the winner.

MEN, 194 starters

14. Erker, Jacob Kelly Benefits Strategies 09:45.85 at 25.97
117. Liberles, Josh Ten Speed Drive / BH Bicycles 10:43.79 at 1:23.91

60. Van Uden, Roman Land Rover-ORBEA 10:14.91 at 55.03
77. Tuckerman, Aaron Land Rover-ORBEA 10:22.54 at 1:02.66
84. Camut, Jim Land Rover-ORBEA 10:26.10 at 1:06.22
87. Elken, Evan Land Rover-ORBEA 10:28.50 at 1:08.62
88. Sweeting, Bobby Land Rover-ORBEA 10:29.39 at 1:09.51
100. Hunn, Logan Land Rover-ORBEA 10:34.94 at 1:15.06
115. Bartlett, Josh Land Rover-ORBEA 10:43.55 at 1:23.67
145. Taylor, Ryan Land Rover-ORBEA 11:01.22 at 1:41.34

WOMEN, 138 starters

10. Ruiter, Christina Value Act Capital 11:49.97 at1:09.30
53. Billington, Hilary Team Lip Smackers 12:42.06 at2:01.39
56. Sanborn, Melissa Vanderkitten Racing 12:45.98 at2:05.31
73. Turnbull, Lisa Velo Classic Tours / Incycle 13:07.79 at2:27.12
100. Cohen, Jacqueline Velo Classic Tours / Incycle 13:33.72 at2:53.05
103. Benjamin, Kelly Colavita Sutter Home 13:38.71 at2:58.04

13. McWhirther, Melisa Veloforma / Zym 11:51.82 at1:11.15
41. Savage, Sabrina Veloforma / Zym 12:23.54 at1:42.87
50. Pennington, Alice Veloforma / Zym 12:39.32 at1:58.65
51. Secrist, Robin Veloforma / Zym 12:39.53 at1:58.86
79. Smith, Christina Veloforma / Zym 13:12.91 at2:32.24