Friday, December 12, 2008

OBRA Releases Preliminary 2009 Calendar

Over at Racing with K-Man, Oregon Bicycle Racing Association Director Kenji Sugahara has released an updated version of the "very, very, very preliminary" 2009 OBRA race calendar. From his blog:
"My plan is to update this calendar as we receive more information. I must stress this is a very, very, very preliminary calendar. Many changes will be made as we receive more information and as promoters talk with each other about conflicts. My plan is also to transfer the data to ICAL so folks can import then into their Google or Ical calendars. Please also remember that the correct data will always be found on the OBRA website. If there is a conflict between the ICAL calendar and OBRA calendar- the OBRA calendar is assumed to be always correct."
Check out the preliminary 2009 schedule HERE.